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Chez Ali Restaurant is the place of 1001 nights with Moroccan hospitality .We offers guests a sumptuous dinner and a memorable show in Berber tents. Belly dancers, acrobats, riders, fireworks, folk music are on the menu … An enchanting wonderland.


The Show

Bewitched by the songs and dances of folk groups, you’ll eat, listen and see something truly exceptional: a unique entertainment provided in an arena as large as a football field, a beautiful parade, unforgettable fantasia acrobats, traditional songs and dances… All this magic to the sound of a captivating music… Magical! Magnificent! Memorable! Chez Ali is all of that at once. Over the years, the reputation of our show has expanded worldwide and has become a must-see attraction during your stay in Marrakech. Our dancers, musicians, acrobats, riders, magicians, all live and share their passions with enthusiasm. Some evenings you can even spot a flying carpet carrying a Sultan traveling his way… Worthy of 1001 nights… Chez Ali – Luxury restaurant.

Welcoming ceremony

  • Arrival escorted by horsemen
  • Arabian horse jumping
  • Blue men show with torches
  • Throwing of rose petals by girls
  • Visit of Ali Baba’s cave
  • Exhibition on horse and fantasia
  • Majestic entrance to the restaurant
  • Escort service to your table

During dinner

Folkloric groups parade past your table:

  • Zayane ( Khnifra)
  • Tiskiwine (Amz miz)
  • Kelaa M’Gouna
  • Gnawa
  • Imin tanout
  • Ahwache ouarzazate
  • Ahwache ourika
  • Dekka (Marrakech)
  • Ait ben haddou (Azilal)
  • Guedra

After dinner

Escort service to the arena to see the fantasia:

  • Spectacular show opening
  • Belly dancer show
  • Stuntmen and donkey outfielder’s show
  • Spectacular fantasia
  • Parade of all the folkloric troops
  • Enchantment of the magic carpet
  • Cavaliers’ final blow
  • Sound and light show

Menu 31/12/2017 – Without drinks

  • Moroccan harira & dates
  • Lemon chicken tagine / Meat tagine with prunes
  • 1/2 mechoui
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Mint tea
  • Moroccan pastries

Menu Tagine Viande OU Poulet – Without drinks

  • Moroccan harira
  • Lemon chicken tagine / Meat tagine with prunes
  • Couscous with seven vegetables
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Mint tea
  • Moroccan pastries

Menu méchoui – Without drinks

  • Moroccan harira
  • 1/2 méchoui.
  • Couscous with seven vegetables

  • Seasonal fruits
  • Mint tea
  • Moroccan pastries

Spectacle SEULEMENT – Without drinks

  • Soft drink OR orange juice
  • Mint tea
  • Moroccan pastries

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  • In case of delay, please take the breath to call us so that we keep your reservation on.
  • Please give us a mobile phone number accessible so we can contact you on the day of booking for a final confirmation.
  • Please mention when booking if you are accompanied by children: enter the months of free children 6 months and 10 years for a 40% discount is offered.
  • Transfer Hotel-Hotel-Chez Ali is included in the price, transportation will be provided in an air-conditioned transport and transport vehicle can be made by a group or private ‘non-group’.
  • is a service provider authorized by Chez Ali to make restaurant reservations.
  • For the 31-12-2016 the price 1250.00dhs (120.00€).


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